Things You Must Try In Your Relationship Atleast Once

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves” – Andre Gide

This thought provoking quote is also applicable to your relationship. It is only in life’s little adventures that you’ll discover each other a little more. You’ll fall in love a little more. Your friendship will grow stronger. Life will be more fun to live.

You live only once. Why not make it a thrilling experience. Here are 10 things you must try in your relationship at least once.

Take A Backpacking Road Trip:


Traveling, no doubt, can leave one with rich experiences but this is amplified to a great deal when you ditch the comfort of a five star and live out of your bag not knowing what to expect the next day. The hardship, test of endurance and

can unusual circumstances that push you out of your comfort zone can bring out the best and worst in both of you.

Experience A Spiritual Program Together:


May be it’s The art of living course or a general religious discourse or a Vipassana program that requires you to take a vow of silence for seven days. Spiritual journeys that give you time to look inside, introspect and reflect on the things that bother you the most. It’ll give you more patience to deal with each other’s short comings. Knowing that your partner had the same experience as you will allow you to draw on each other’s strengths and over look weaknesses.

Run A Marathon:


Running is a way of letting go. Leave your worry, thoughts, mind and everything else weighing you down, behind and run with the wind in your hair. Running can mean different things to different people. And marathons are a great way to increase your endurance, push your limits and increase your strength. Supporting each other through the course and egging to completion is a wonderful way to improve your bonding.

Volunteer Time At A Charity:


A person’s character is actually realized by the way he treats people of whom he can expect nothing in return. Volunteering time at a charity will not only allow you both to give something back to the society but also allow you to view your relationship with a new lens – on how fortunate you are to have it better than a whole lot of people in the world – and how lucky you are to have each other.

Have A baby:


Wouldn’t count exactly as a ‘thing’ but having a baby together means taking your relationship to the next level of wanting to lead a life together, take responsibilities together and embark on one of life’s most amazing journey of being parents. An un-paid job with no off days where the days are long but years are short and the benefits don’t really kick in until old age – but hey, the little moments of wonder make it all worthwhile.

Be Crazy About A TV Show:


Friends, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory or How I met your mother… TV shows allow you to laugh together and share your speculations and theories, and draw parallels with the characters and your own lives.

Try A New Cuisine:


Both of you never tried authentic Lebanese before? Between the hummus, falafel, shawarama and tabbouleh, you’ll discover what each of you like and dislike. Even if you don’t like what’s on your plate, it’ll be memorable to have the experience together. Great if you like it and learn to make it for each other.

Do An Adventure Sport:


Winning, losing, trying and not giving up – every quality that you want in your partner tried and tested with their sportsmanship spirit.

Try A Short Long Distance Relationship:


Get a work opportunity to go to a different city for a few months. Grab it. Have fun with your time out!

Be Their Dream Come True:


Everyone has a fantasy. Live your partner’s fantasy. Become their favourite celebrity.

Take A Class Together:


Love to learn a new language or salsa gives you a mood lift? Take a class together to discover a new side to your partner.

Your script in life is not destined. You get to choose your destiny and even better, you get to choose how adventurous you want the journey of discovery to be. Shed those inhibitions and breath life into you relationship with our time tested techniques.

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